Services & Rates

The A+ Pets and Plants Team offers the following services to our valued customers :

PET SITTING : 30 Minutes $16 – $18

Pets-care-supplies-300x199 Customized visits to your home include:
  • Fresh food and water, treats when approved
  • Walks, playtime, brushing, lot’s of cuddle time
  • Scoop and change litter boxes, clean up after pets
  • Administer medications/injections

DOG WALKING : 30 Minutes $16 – $18

article-1365364-0CC9B82C000005DC-935_468x457 We believe in the importance of daily exercise for our furry friends. Dog walking provides 30 minutes of stimulation for our friends. Not only do they get physical exercise but they enjoy sniffing and viewing all their surroundings. They are always so excited to see us. We walk rain or shine!

POTTY/PLAY BREAKS : 15 minutes $13 – $15

Whether it be a quick walk, a toss of the frisbee, or simply a “let-out” in the backyard, our pets need a few minutes to go potty and stretch their legs during the day. Or, they may require a late night “bedtime” break.

MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES : Rates based upon request

  We also offer a variety of miscellaneous services to make your life easier. Miscellaneous services can include but are not limited to: Home security checks, mail or order pick-up, school taxi for your kids, and much more! Please inquire with us directly to see if we can accommodate your request!

PET TAXI :     $18 – $25

We offer door-to-door service from your home to/from Vet offices, Groomers, Day Cares or just about anywhere.

PLANT CARE :     $12 and up

Summers can be very hot here. We offer daily watering and care for all your plants.

All Basic Services Include Complimentary:

  • Mail and newspaper brought inside.
  • Alternating of lights and blinds for security.
  • Clean – up of any messes.
  • Garbage can brought to/from street.
  • Plant & Garden watering.
  • Detailed notes, text messages, and pictures.
  • Administration of any medications.
  • Basic security check of the home.

Lots of Love and Affection!

The initial in-home consultation is free. During this time we meet each other and we get to meet your pets. We decide on the services required, complete necessary paperwork, and we pick up a key to your home. Note: Prices may vary if outside the service area or if special requirements are needed. Customized pricing programs are available.

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Office: 706-364-2738 Cell: 706-284-7990

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Thank you so much for your dependability, love and compassion for my three family members: Moonpie, Dumpling and Daisy. I knew all was well when I received your text and pictures. You totally cared for them: even down to the detail of removing the acorns from Moonpie's paw. My daughter's wedding was perfect and my mind was without worry.

Terrie M.



North Augusta