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Why choose an in-home care provider instead of boarding at a kennel?

Your pet’s comfort and happiness are our top priority. A trip to the kennel can often be stressful on your pet. When choosing an in-home provider, your pet gets to stay in the comfort of their own environment. We have found that pets are much happier when staying home instead of going to the kennel! You also don’t need to plan your trip around picking your pets up from the kennel before noon. They are waiting for you at home, and happy!

How do your prices compare to boarding at a kennel?

Prices are comparable to a kennel for just one pet. When there are multiple pets involved, the savings over using a kennel can be dramatic!

Why choose us instead of a company like rover.com or wag.com?

We are a professional company which has been in business for more than 20 years. We have a proven track record, and we are bonded and insured and guarantee all our visits. We are always available and have a staff of qualified pet care specialists that provide back-up if necessary. We are passionate about our jobs and it shows in our service. Individuals listed with the online large companies are here today and gone tomorrow and NOT professionally trained! They also have no backup. If they have an emergency or become unavailable then you are left scrambling for someone to care for your loved ones. Our staff has chosen Pet Care as a career and undergoes a thorough training process before becoming an A+ Pets and Plants Sitter.

How much advance notice do I need to make a reservation?

While we appreciate as much advance notice as possible, we do accept last minute requests for all existing clients. A small fee may apply for last minute schedules that fall on a holiday.

How will I know if my reservation is accurate?

We always tell our clients that they should not assume that their reservation has been received until they receive our email confirmation. We usually send a confirmation within 24 hours. We also send a reminder of the dates a few days prior to your trip.

Do you offer a discount to military?

Yes, we do offer a 10% discount for active military.

How/when do I pay for services?

All services can be paid for online with any major credit or debit card and auto-payment can be setup for all services. Invoices will be emailed shortly following completion of services. A 50% deposit may be required.

How many people will be coming into my home?

New clients have an opportunity to meet the Pet Care Specialist chosen to care for their pets. They will be assigned a primary caregiver, unless there is some sort of emergency or unusual situation (car trouble, sick, behind schedule), in which one of our other providers will step in until they are able to resume care.

How early/late will you make visits?

We begin our days at 6am and make our last visits of the day between 9pm and 10pm. 

Do you administer insulin and other medications?

Yes, we are all trained to do so. We do not administer IV fluids, as it can require more than one person. We can, however, take your pet to the Vet during your absence.

Do I need to provide a key to my house?

For reliable service with the least liability, it is required that all clients obtain and utilize a keyless entry system or key storage lockbox to hold a key for your residence. If needed, we will provide a lockbox prior to your next service, and a fee of $20.00 will be added to your account.

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We will definitely recommend you to our friends with pets! —Susan S.